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User’s guide


  1. Introduction
  2. How to use StartMyBusiness123?
  3. How to be prepared for using StartMyBusiness123?


Thu users’ guide summarizes information about the most important information on how to apply this tool. It is up to you when you read this guide. We believe that the sooner the better.

How to use StartMyBusiness123?

The basics: answering questions. In most cases especially at the beginning and the end of the program you are asked to answer questions to which you have to type your answers in the given templates. Here you have to take into consideration the minimum and maximum number of characters indicated below the templates.  

Saving the answers is automatic, but if you interrupt filling in the template and quit the program, it will ask you to save what you have done so far, to make sure that your work is not lost. When you reenter the program you can continue where you left off.  

Help with your answers. This program provides two types of help. One is the explanation of the terminology and pro tips, the other is an example. 

Explanation of terminology and pro tips. If you click on underlined text you will find the explanation of terminology and in many cases professional tips to help you interpret the possible answers.  You will also find explanation of terminology in the glossary on the opening page of the site.

 Pro tips will help you in risk management. In the risk management module beside your own mitigation solution you will find at least three professional tips you can take into consideration. If you click on your selected tip, the program will copy it into the template and you can rewrite it or add to it at your convenience.  

Clicking on the example, you will find an answer given by an entrepreneur of a real live business showing you a possible way to answer. You can use this example throughout the program to help you answer any of the questions. You can also find this example on the opening page of the website among the examples.   

Rewriting, correction. You can correct, or rewrite any of your previously given answers, then save the variations under different names.

Printable summary of your work. During your work, or after you are finished you can print your business concept, not just for your own information, but to show it to possible investors, creditors or business partners.    

How to prepare for the use of the StartMyBusiness program?

The StartMyBusiness program will help you:

  1. to consciously and systematically think through your business idea,
  2. to make the minimally necessary financial calculations,
  3. to point out the success and risk factors of your business,
  4. to choose the most important steps of starting up,
  5. to schedule these steps.

You should prepare thoroughly and do consult during the use of the program. With so much to do, you need lots of preparation before and during the use of the program. Since you can quit the program any time and take it up later you don’t have to complete it in one go. You can use your time away from the program to get information and data, and to consult about the questions and answers with friends, acquaintances, or experts.    

Test your ideas on your potential clients. It is very important to consult about your business idea with your potential clients. It would be best to ask at least 5 of your potential clients about what their real needs are, and what their opinion is about what you are potentially offering them, and its potential price.  If it is a product, or software your want to sell, it is best to have a prototype ready to show your potential buyers and to make the necessary adjustments according to their observations.  Customers are willing to accept a less refined solution if it is something they haven’t come across before.

Consult with entrepreneurs from the same industry. Some of the entrepreneurs are happy to share

For the financial calculations ask the advice of friends who know their way around finances, especially if you don’t.

Take a break from answering the questions asked in the program and acquire more information. You will find numerous questions in the program that you won’t have an answer to right away. In these cases it is best to collect more data, ask around find new information even on the internet.

Do not jeopardize the success of your future business venture, by being unprepared!

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